About Salute Finance Ltd

Salute Finance Limited

Salute Finance Limited is Toyota Tanzania’s financial services arm. Since it began in 2012, it has been the leading leasing company in Tanzania, providing tailor-made full maintenance and finance lease solutions.
SFL works with both blue chip and local business enterprises to offer leasing that works for them, offering creative solutions for any asset needs. The business has developed an unparalleled reputation for professionalism, customer service and transparency.

What does SFL do?

Every business requires assets for its day-to-day operations which may require huge upfront capital outlays.  SFL provides a solution to this problem.  Its Operational lease product provides an off-balance sheet method of financing that allows access to the assets you require without spending your capital on depreciating assets, but instead utilizing it on your core business.

Through its Operational lease, SFL offers 100% finance on all brand-new Toyota vehicles with no collateral required and provides you with the tools to proactively manage your fleet. SFL’s unique expertise in vehicles and finance encompasses every aspect of the fleet management lifecycle – from tracking, maintenance, insurance, upgrades, vehicle modification to disposal

All at highly competitive rates and with a single payment schedule that allows you to accurately focus your fleet budget.

Why leasing makes business sense:

Brand new Toyota vehicles – You benefit from choosing any model across our Toyota range of vehicles.

Financial benefits – Leasing is an operational expense, and therefore will be reflected on your profit & loss statement rather than your balance sheet. This approach will improve your company’s liquidity and financial ratios.

Tax Benefits – As SFL provides a commercial service, they are entitled to take a Value Added Tax (VAT) input credit. This benefit is 100% passed onto the customer.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind – The lease payments made covers all your insurance risks, maintenance, and service cost, easing up your administration and paperwork.

Frees up your money – Leasing allows you to utilize your money on your core business.

Optimize your cash flow – Purchase the asset you need today and spread out the payment across its useful life.


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