Toyota Tanzania Limited (TTL) has been conducting the Dream Car contest for 10 years. Dream Car Competition invites children from all over the country to envision a better future for us through art. Children are encouraged to put forward their innovative ideas in “car” form so that they can start the process of delivering actionable change alongside us. All participants will get certificates.

Winners of the National contest will also get certificates and other prizes.  Winners of the Global contest will get an award certificate and prize money intended to be used for educational purposes that will be presented to grand prize winners in each category (3 persons in total) / special award winners in all categories (2 persons in total) and their schools as an additional prize. (5,000 USD prize money to each winner,10,000 USD to each winner’s school.


2023 Theme – Your Dream Car

This year’s Toyota Dream Car Art theme is Your Dream Car. We asked participants to imagine what their dream car would look like if they had no limits or bounds. The dreams that participants imagine have the power to change our future. Let us all think of a better future society and connect to make our dreams come true!



Entry 1:
Toyota Homeless Helper by Remanika Simhadri (age 11)
My Toyota dream car is designed to help people of all ages who are homeless and struggling to survive for their livelihoods in this pandemic time. My car is a mobilised car giving vaccines to those unreachable people.

Mom Car by Ataa Abbas Abdi (age 12)
Mom car scans the mother’s whole personality and stores all information within. When a mother passes away, this car takes care of the child virtually. The child virtually. The child doesn’t feel lonely and copes with the loss easily; guide and follow up on the child’s daily activities.

Entry 3:
Women empowerment car by Mahee Pritesh Chohan (age 12)
My Toyota women empowerment car gives power and opportunity to women to fight for their rights and helps them get their desired jobs and be successful in life. In some villages, educating women seems like it is optional.  My Toyota dream car goes country by country, supports women’s power, and proves that women can achieve every goal in life.

Let’s enable our children to envision a better future.


  1. The contestants should be Tanzanian Residents.
  2. Duplication of entries will result in disqualification.
  3. TTL reserves the right to withdraw the contest at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Entry, once submitted, cannot be removed and replaced with a new one.
  5. The winner shortlist will be based on criteria set by TTL:
    • Message: Does the work express its theme and concept understandably?
    • Uniqueness: Are dreams and the future depicted from an original viewpoint?
    • Art characteristics: Is the design drawn properly (composition, colouring, technique)?
  6. The winner shortlists, and selection decisions solely vest with the jury panel.
  7. Marking is to be done manually (using sketch pens, coloured pencils, paints, or crayons). Digital drawings will not be accepted.
  8. Drawings will not be accepted if:
    • Artwork that may cause damage to others’
    • Counterfeit artwork/s that violates the
    • Resembles past Dream Car contest entries.
    • Resembles a famous painting.
    • Includes trademark characters, such as known cartoon characters or brand mascots.
    • The contestant will be held liable if there are claims from actual copyright holders.
  9. The contestant consented to TTL to use the artwork in any promotional materials and shall not raise objections to TTL use.
  10. TTL may further use images of the winner in promotional material to market the contest/activity at any given time.