EPC is a database only available to Toyota allowing parts translation for your vehicle accurately and efficiently.


Each Toyota Genuine Part is designed to deliver peak performance to your vehicle. The use of non-genuine parts or improper servicing may affect the validity of your warranty.


You will only receive 100% Genuine Parts for your vehicle. Contact our parts dept. for more information on our Parts Warranty Programme.


Reasons you should insist on Toyota Genuine Parts

  • Toyota vehicles are designed with quality and safety in mind. Using Genuine Toyota parts will ensure these standards are upheld.
  • Toyota Genuine Parts represent value for money - They may cost a little more but last a lot longer.
  • Toyota Genuine Parts do not have to be replaced at the same frequency as non-genuine parts - In the long term resulting in being more cost effective.
  • Using non genuine parts could affect the functioning of other vehicle components and result in a much higher running cost over a period of a few years.
  • By using Toyota Genuine Parts from Toyota Tanzania you are not supporting the illegal counterfeit market.
  • Toyota Tanzania provides a specialized and dedicated parts team that offers professional advice tailored to your vehicle.

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Toyota Accessories

We have introduced a new comprehensive range of accessories including bull bars, winches and a host of off road accessories as well as an extensive audio & visual range.