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Introducing the New Toyota Rush – Feel The Rush

Tanzanian spec Available from September/ October 2018

What does it take to get ahead in life? It starts with the ability to anticipate change and grab new opportunities. On the road, you need a partner that adapts to various environments and always delivers more. A car with versatility, energizing you with the dynamic excitement of self-confidence and security. A car that inspires. That feeling is a Rush. That car is the Rush. 

The all-New Toyota Rush created by the partnership between Toyota and Daihatsu. This partnership aims to build more affordable high-quality cars for all customers. Combining Toyota and Daihatsu’s strengths, the Rush is an affordable full feature SUV. Its sophisticated design is an eye-catching sight on all streets, while on rough roads offers the dynamic, all-terrain road performance that only an FR layout can provide. With superior features both on and off- road, the all-new Rush is sure to be appreciated by all customers. 

New Rush comes with two grades and two transmission options: 

CITY grade with 1.5 Dual VVT-i engine and 5-speed manual transmission 

URBAN grade with 1.5 Dual VVT-i engine and 5-speed manual transmission 

CITY grade with 1.5 Dual VVT-i engine and 4-speed automatic transmission 

URBAN grade with 1.5 Dual VVT-i engine and 4-speed automatic transmission 

Improved 1.5L in-line 4-cylinder petrol engine with Dual Variable Valve Timing-intelligent (VVT-i) provides enough power and good fuel efficiency. 

Quick engine specs: 

  • Engine specs: 1.5 Dual VVT-i, petrol, 1496 ccm (2NR-VE) 

  • Power: 77 kW / 105 HP with 136 Nm of torque 

  • Rear wheel drive 

  • Average fuel consumption 6.6 L/100 km (6.7 L for automatic) 

Good Fuel Efficiency and Low Emissions 

Dual VVT-i is a system that continuously optimizes the timing of intake and exhaust valve operation in accordance with driving conditions to provide a high level of engine performance in every operation area. This technology ensures engine performance as well as contributing to enhanced fuel efficiency and lowered emissions. 

The high-flow intake ports generate the best tumble flow for fuel efficiency in the combustion chamber to optimize combustion and achieve good fuel efficiency. 

A highly reliable, lightweight piston has been achieved by the use of aluminum alloy casting and optimized thickness of each part. 

Adoption of independent injection and precise air fuel ratio control help reduce fuel consumption and emission.

Roller rocker arms are adopted for the valve operating system, resulting in significant low friction between the cams and rocker arms, and thus enhancing fuel efficiency. 


An urban SUV with front-engine, rear-wheel-drive and 220 mm of ground clearance enhances a solid all-terrain driving performance. Built for adventure with space and comfort in mind.

Created for rough roads, floods and challenging road conditions found only in Africa. We have developed an SUV with ideal all-terrain performance, ride comfort, interior comfort, versatility and most importantly, safety. 

The Rush has a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive (FR) layout that enables the large tires and high ground clearance needed for its solid all-terrain performance. It provides powerful traction on gradients and slippery surfaces that increases in proportion to the passengers or cargo loads. Its small minimum turning radius ensures good maneuverability on all types of roads. The highly rigid body, ample suspension stroke and rear stabilizers ensure the stable steering and ride comfort needed to prevent fatigue on long trips.

Key points: 

  • Top class ground clearance of 220 mm provides outstanding submersion and rough roads driving performance. 

  • High approach angle and departure angle for any road conditions. 

  • The aerodynamic design and Toyota 2NR engine contributes to low fuel consumption. 


For maximum safety the all-new Toyota Rush is fitted with 6 SRS airbags and vehicle stability control. Keeping your family safe throughout all your adventures. 
Rush has been given an ample array of safety features to ensure driver and passenger peace of mind. Collision safety (passive safety) features include a sturdy body structure, SRS driver and front passenger air bags, SRS side air bags and SRS curtain shield air bags. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Hill-start assist control (HAC) systems are provided as standard vehicle features to help provide safety during routine driving (active safety features). 

Standard safety features found on the new Rush: 

SRS Airbags 

For maximum safety, Rush is fitted with six airbags as standard. They include SRS airbags for driver and front passenger, side airbags for the front seats, and SRS curtain shield airbags covering front, 2nd and 3rd row seat passengers. Safety without compromise! 

High eye point 

With its high eye point design stable road performance and the uniquely large-diameter tires of a front-engine rear- drive layout, Rush has the power to take on everything from narrow alleys to off-road environments with more safety and visibility. 


The body structure features a high level of safety in the event of a side impact as well as a frontal impact, considering pedestrian protection. Enough distance between high solid parts (e.g. engine) and hood panel is secured to keep a stroke required for energy absorption in order to protect pedestrians. 

VSC – Vehicle Stability Control 

VSC automatically activates each individual brake as needed and controls engine output to help maintain stability and prevent skidding when turning sharply or cornering on slippery road surfaces. 

ABS – Anti-lock Brake System 

In emergency braking situations, the maximum brake force is applied without the tires locking up. This system helps to prevent the vehicle from skidding while maintaining steer-ability and tire grip. 

HAC – Hill-start Assist Control 

HAC helps to ensure a smooth start on steep inclines by automatically applying the brakes for up to two seconds after the brake pedal is released. This prevents the vehicle from rolling back. 

Key points: 

  • High eye point provides visibility. 

  • VSC is provided as a standard feature, ensuring stability on all roads. 

  • Top class safety (SRS side air bag and SRS curtain airbag are provided as a standard feature). 


The only 7-seater SUV in its range, with 3 rows of seats that are designed for an active lifestyle. It's space without limits and imagination without boundaries. 

The all-new Rush is a perfect fit for an active lifestyle. The Rush’s all-terrain performance provides nimble and powerful responses on rough roads and gradients, with a high degree of maneuverability on narrow roads that makes every day driving easy. A roomy three-row 7-seater SUV in a compact body with ample loading and storage space. A SUV that allows for confidents and peace of mind, and which has capabilities of a class above in every aspect. A dynamic SUV with high-end styling. 

Key points: 

  • Spacious three-row 7-seater SUV

  • Minimum turning radius of 5.2 meters ensures nimble maneuverability. 
  • Cargo space provides enough storage even with all seats in use. 


The All New Rush inspires a feeling of “WOW” at every moment. When you see it, when you get into it and when you drive it. 

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