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He went on to say, the launch of the 4th Generation Prado proudly carries the Landcruiser legacy and DNA forward into 2010 and beyond. It is now an impressive 60 years since the birth of the original Landcruiser in 1951.

The new Prado has been re-designed and re-styled to reflect the needs of people living in Tanzania. This is a car that is built for Tanzania and African roads in mind.

The launch of the 4th Generation Prado is a significant one for Toyota Tanzania, as the new models will help reinforce Toyota’s fundamental philosophy of vehicle & passenger safety and road handling in Tanzania. A safe car means a safe journey for drivers and passengers.

Added to this guiding principal, the new Prado injects a new unique dimension of style, design and technology in an era where cars are becoming all too similar and all too familiar. The new Prado will stand out for the right reasons.

The new 2010 Prado series has 4 unparalleled benefits:

  1. Advanced road handling: thanks to 4 totally new and pioneering technological vehicle innovations such as a multi terrain monitor on the dashboard that gives the driver a 360 degree view of their surroundings.
  2. Greater power but with greater fuel efficiency at the same time thanks to a new all turbo engine range.
  3. A new shape and design created not just for the sake of it but to make a difference to the driver be it with better aerodynamics or more comfort.
  4. The ultimate benefit for all: Incredible SAFETY with 13 airbags and even the addition of ‘radar‘ technology to help regulate driving speed.  The new Prado is the ideal car for any growing family.

The new Prado is much more than just an average 4x4 and as such the launch event was more than just an average launch event.

In true Toyota spirit and to reflect the new Prado, the guests at the launch function were treated to a unique and multi sensory experience.

As the lights were dimmed and silence spread throughout the Kibo Ballroom, a skillful and talented mime artist fueled the imagination of the guests as the car’s features were brought to life with just the aid of sound, light and text.

The launch event concluded with the unveiling of three new Prado models to the guests on the front lawn of the Kilimanjaro Kempinski. Chairman Hatim A. Karimjee invited honorable Ministers and VIP guests to be the first to step inside the new cars.

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